Express-O Bus hittin’ the street of Alexandria, Mascot & Rosebery.

Have you ever wanted to come to The Grounds of Alexandria, but you’re just a little bit too far to walk? Rainy day but want to get out of the office? We’ve got the answer, and the solution.

Introducing the Express-O Bus, taking you to and from your work to rejuvenate you during your lunch breaks. If you’re located within Alexandria, Mascot or Roseberry, give us a call.

  1. Call The Grounds on 0459 GROUNDS (0459 476 8637) and book your pick-up
  2. Provide address, time and the number of guests
  3. Wait outside your business address for the Express-O Bus
  4. Enjoy a delicious meal at The Grounds
  5. When ready for pick-up, call The Grounds on 0459 GROUNDS (0459 476 8637)
  6. Wait at the Express-O Bus Stop

Best part of it? You get a guaranteed booking in The Cafe or The Potting Shed for you and your mates.

What number do I call?

Simply call 0459 GROUNDS (4768637) and our friendly driver will answer.

Where do you pick up from?

Currently we will pick up from businesses within Alexandria, Mascot and Roseberry. Should the bus be extra popular, we’ll look at expanding our service area.

Do you pick up from private homes?

If there is 4 or more of you wanting to pop on over to The Grounds, then we’d love to pick you up. Follow the same procedures as for a work address.

How far away do I need to be?

The bus is for those who work just a little bit too far to walk. So if you’re within a 5-10 minute walking distance of The Grounds, we do ask that the bus not be used. Unless it is raining, then we will look at accommodating those who are closer to us.

Heading back to work after 2.30pm?

No worries! Simply make sure you book in with our bus driver before 2.30pm. If you’re on a later bus, speak to the driver as you hop off.

Does the bus deliver coffee?

No, the bus carries people. The  bus is designed to come to your work place, pick you up then drop you back after you enjoy a meal at The Grounds of Alexandria. Currently we don’t serve coffee out of the van.

How many people does the bus fit?

Our bus can carry between 4 and 7 people along with the driver. The driver will ask how many people will be travelling in the bus when you make the call.

Where is drop off and pick up at The Grounds of Alexandria?

Drop off will be outside The Cafe on Huntley Street, while pick up will be outside The Potting Shed. Look out for the bus stop, or ask one of our friendly staff for directions.

Share your photos with us!

Tag us on instagram #thegrounds or on facebook (The Grounds of Alexandria).

Should I tip the driver?

No need to tip the driver, we’re simply happy to give you a ride! But if you’re feeling generous, and feel they’ve done an extra super job, feel free to drop them whatever you think is necessary.

How long will I have to wait?

Hopefully not long, but to be safe, please give us a bit of notice so we can be there in time. Please be waiting out front of your location at the designated time. Should the driver be late, they will let you know via a call to the person who booked.

What time does the bus operate?

The Express-O Bus operates weekdays only from 10.30am – 3pm.

Loved the ride?

Be sure to tell your friends! Give them our number, spread the love or tag us on instagram. We love seeing our guests posts.

Can I use the bus to pick up take-away food?

The bus is to be used for those who would like to dine with us at The Grounds. This means you’re welcome to eat at any of our food offerings with The Cafe, The Potting Shed or The Garden. For all the menus, click above on the area you wish to visit. Remember, you get a guaranteed booking with your bus ride, so no lines!

Can I bring my coffee back with me in the bus?

We ask that no food or drink be consumed in the bus. You can however bring your food back with you in our carry bags.

Have some feedback about the ride?

While we hope your journey with us on the Express-O Bus is easy and fun, any feedback on how we can improve is always welcomed. Simply head to our contact us page (click contact us at the top) and submit via the form.

Do you have a normal route you go?

There’s no route, we come to you! So each day we get bookings for the bus, and we go straight to that location. No need to go wait anywhere except outside your work place.

What if the bus is late?

If there is traffic and the bus is going to be late, the driver will let you know. If we are unable to pick  you up at your requested time, you will be told when you make your booking. Should you hop in a cab or uber because the bus is delayed for any reason, The Grounds takes no responsibility for payment of the extra fare associated with this.

Express-O Bus terms and conditions of Facebook competition.

Competition opens Monday 20th June at 6.00pm (when first posted) and will close Monday 27th June at 12 noon. Anyone who works or lives within the Express-O Bus pick up zone (see above) is eligible to enter. If you win and are outside of this area, you forfeit your right to the prize, and it will go to the person deemed to be the second most creative answer and so on until a winner is picked. The Express-O Bus operates 10.30am to 3pm weekdays only, prize must be taken within this time and you must be picked up by the bus to redeem your prize. The Express-O Bus will only pick up 4 or more people, so you must at the time of pick up have 4 within your group. Lunch is for The Garden only (including Garden Pizza, BBQ & Soda Barn) and prize is valued at $80. By winning this competition it does not entitle the winner to preferential treatment. The Grounds reserves the right to delete any entries deemed to be rude, aggressive or inappropriate. Entry is only available via Facebook, and will not be accepted any other way. Winners will be picked on their creative merit and must have tagged 3 people.