The Coffee Academy at The Grounds of Alexandria is the science behind the coffee. The Coffee Academy allows The Grounds coffee experts to experiment with different roasting profiles and techniques based on individual types of coffee and beans. Using dual Probatone roasting machines imported from Germany, we trial different processes with single estates and single origins from different regions. Findings are passed on from The Coffee Academy to the main production facility to ensure The Grounds continually deliver the best coffee to customers.

The skilled barista team regularly cup various single origin coffees to incorporate into The Coffee Academy at The Grounds. This cupping process involves tasting and scoring coffees based on their flavour, aroma, acidity and mouth-feel.The Grounds are passionate about coffee and invite you to share their knowledge through The Coffee Academy workshops and classes with The Grounds expert Barista team.

We are currently revising our Coffee Classes so watch this space or The Grounds Facebook & Instagram pages for updates.

Since The Grounds’ conception in 2012, there has been growing demand from cafes around Australia to also be serving the Grounds coffee. The Grounds of Alexandria wholesale their carefully crafted coffee beans to select businesses that share the same passion and philosophy on coffee. The Grounds offer world-class training across all aspects of the coffee journey and deliver ongoing support to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer service.

If you are interested in learning more about The Grounds of Alexandria wholesale options please contact us at