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At The Grounds we know how important it is that our guests find parking close to the venue and we are constantly working to provide you with conveniently located spots within the vicinity. For the elderly, disabled or parents with prams and young children, we always try to accommodate you on site. Just speak to a Grounds Ranger who can help you out and enter via 2 Huntley Street or 41 – 43 Bourke Rd.

Please note, temporarily Huntley Street is a one way, heading from Euston Road to Bourke Road. Be sure to obey all traffic signs and rules. Please read below on how to enter all our car parks. We suggest for ease of parking, please enter into your maps tool what parking lot you will be going to.

Currently we have 4 dedicated parking lots for our customers:

2 Huntley Street

Entry to this parking lot has changed, you need to enter 2 Huntley Street by heading down the one way street which goes directionally from Euston Rd to Bourke Rd. Look out for the signage on your right. This leads through to multiple areas of car spaces on site. During the week we reserve over 150 spots for Grounds guests with another 100 opening up on the weekends. That’s now 250 spaces just for you, on site with more located within a short walking distance!

41-43 Bourke Road (in front of The Potting Shed)

Entry can be via 2 Huntley Street if you are heading in via the one way street from Euston Rd, or you can enter directly from Bourke Rd. Please note you cannot turn right if you area heading south on Bourke Rd into this parking lot. In this instance, we suggest heading further down to 51 Bourke Rd (see next).

51 Bourke Road

Our newly opened car parking lot means we have added in even more spaces for our guests to park and it’s only a 2 minute walk from The Grounds. This can be accessed off Bourke Rd and can be turned into from either lane. We suggest going into this parking lot for quick and easy parking. Note, this parking lot is not open at night.

10 Huntley Street

Look for the sign out front and on the gate, here we have extra parking just a few minutes walk from The Grounds. This will be on your right as you head down Huntley Street. Note, this parking lot is not open at night.

On Street

Throughout the streets around The Grounds of Alexandria there is parking which our guests can utilise. Please be sure to look out for all parking signs and adhere to all time limits.